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Chaos Miscellany

* Absurd Speculations, The absurd speculations that give chaos magicians a bad name
* Aetherics, Max K's perspectives on aetherics
* Aetherics Discussion on Damascus MUSH, Log file of a long discussion about aetherics and its use in magick
* Anti-Banishing, What constitutes a banishing ritual, anyway?
* Aspects of Chaosophy, Notes on Chaosophy from a member of the Moorish Orthodox Church
* Baphomet, One magician's perspective on working with this deity
* Basic Instructions In Self-hypnosis, Inducing self-hypnotic states for use in magick
* Cacodemonic Copulations, Conjuring and creating a demon lover for use in magick
* Cajegne Tajeed, A Ouranian Barbaric christmas carol to the tune of "Silent Night"
* Carousels and Chaos Magick and Manifestation of Magick, An experiential writing about a symbolic dream
* Chaos and Mr. E -- Don Webb Interviews Edred Thorsson, Edred Thorsson talks about Seidhr (seething), Ginnung, Chaos, Galdr, and more
* Chaos Bells, "Jingle Bells" for the chaotically-minded
* Chaos Lawyers, If lawyers wrote magick spells
* Chaos vs. Thelema?, On the differences between Chaos Magick and Thelema
* Comments on Ray Sherwin's Observations on Heirarchy in Majikal Practice, Martin Knutsen's comments on Sherwin's "Philosophical and Practical Objections to Heirarchical Structures in Magick"
* Counting Coup: Magical Combat for Fun and Training, A good way for magicians to get experience at a rarely taught magickal practice
* Crazy Chaos Surfer finds Personal Magickal Path, Thoughts on the discovery and pursuit of a personal path of magickal development
* Cross the Abyss?, There is no such thing as the Abyss, and crossing it was wondrous
* The Demiorgeous, Blind Idiot God, The gnostics and the tetragrammaton
* Dreaming Across Time, Parallel selves, dreaming, and creative derangement
* On Dreamscaping, An experimental guide to the programming and control of dreams
* Enlightenment As Everyday Life, Finding enlightenment as an intrinsic element of life instead of a transcendent one
* Ersatz Reality, A short rant about the nature of reality
* Exactly What Constitutes a Magickal Link?, Creating and using magickal links to affect things such as corporations
* Farewell to Burroughs, A fellow pact-member bids farewell to WSB
* Gematria of Nothing, An English Gematria that has become popular among several chaotes
* The Great Little Seafood Place of the Beast, Is Aleister Crowley alive and well in Valley, Alabama?
* Howling, Exploring the personal demons of the psyche
* Imagination, Beliefs, and "Rightness", Making distinctions, and recognizing value judgements
* Interpretation of Psychic Episodes, Exercising skepticism before jumping to psychic ability as a conclusion
* Into Thee Vortex, Kaos Magick---yet another perspective.
* K-Balls Explained, Chaotic irreverence for qabala
* Kaos Kabbalah, Qabala from a chaos-inspired mind
* Kaos Klub, Learning chaos magick to impress high school friends
* Kaos Majik Journal (Spring 1999), Kaos Majik Journal, Spring 1999
* Kinesthetic Magick, Body sensations and their use in magick
* King of the Castle: Magical Orders and Internal Schisms, Working with magickal groups
* Kiss the Sky! A Tantric Text on Channeling Babalon, Tantric Magick and the Babalon current
* Magick and Murder, Historic Legal Precedents for Magick and Murder
* Magickal Links: How To Attack a Corporate Entity, Creating sufficient links to perform magick on a target
* Musings on Modern Economics, The Church of Economics viewed with a hermetic twist
* Naked Lunch' novelist William S. Burroughs, dead at 83, The AP press release about WSB's death
* Neophilic Irreligions, A Master's Thesis on the topic of Discordianism, The Church of the Subgeius, and Cthulhu Cults
* Nothing Rant, Seek your desire and be damned
* Occam's Brillo Pad, Empirical data, speculation, and Occam's Brillo Pad
* Order and Chaos Essay, A piece of socratic logic regarding order and chaos
* Pandaemonaeon, Information, and Social Structures, An examination of the pandaeomonaeon
* Pandaemonaeon Magicks, Various items extracted from Phil Hine's "Prime Chaos"
* Parsons and Majestic-12, Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard, Crowley, Majestic-12, the OTO, Scientology, Holes in space-time, Aliens, Naval Intelligentsia, and the Immanentization of the Eschaton---it's all a conspiracy!
* Possession, Causing and utilizing states of possession in magick
* Perceiving Energy, Insights into linguistic limitations of perception
* The Power of Mediocrity, Why the mundane man will always overpower the magickal man
* Practical Applications of the Chaosphere, Different neat things to do with a chaosphere
* The Problem with Magick Books, What gets recycled in most books about magick
* Rhaven's Alphabet, An example of a self-created magickal alphabet for personal use
* Satan Scare, What happens when good kids (whether satanist or chaote) try to be bad and evil
* Sensible Perspectives on Egolessness, Excerpt from Ken Wilber's "One Taste" about what "transcending" the ego really means
* Sex, but…not, A few simple tantric exercises
* A Short Note About Crossing The Abyss, The Abyss and Fear
* Sigil Structures, The Ka/OS approach to magick
* Skepticism, A Skeptical approach to magick as the necessary beginning to prove to yourself that magick is real.
* Source of "Immanentize the Eschaton", Insight into the source and meaning of the chaos magick catch-phrase "Immanentize the Eschaton"
* Supradimensionality, Attempting to understand and visualize greater physical dimensions
* Surreal Games, Surrealist games to spice up that next meeting of your magickal group
* Things You Don't Want to Hear a Chaos Magician Say, But you've probably heard them anyway
* Three Opinions Regarding the Abyss, Hickory, Dickory, and Dock offer their opinions
* Tools as Crutches, Discarding ritual tools to get at the "whole" truth
* Training, One magicians perspective on training in magick
* Questions and Answers on the Z(cluster), A few questions are answered about the Z(cluster)
* A Quick Guide to Lucid Dreaming, Learn to lucid dream within 30 days through habit-formation
* What is Satanism?, Clearing up all the common misconceptions
* Yes/No/I-Don't-Know: Simultaneous Belief, Seeing all sides and keeping a level head in every situation
* A Young Man's View of Chaos Magick in the Early 90's, Looking back at an entry into chaos magick
* Z-Chronicles 1.1, The first publication of the Z(cluster)
* Z-Chronicles 2.1, The second publication of the Z(cluster)
* Zen Werewolf's Tarot, A personally created tarot based on personal symbology
* ZMA Lectures, A lecture about magick given at the College Invisible