Cross the Abyss?

by Fenwick Rysen

What is it with all this "What is the abyss?" stuff, eh?

I don't beLIEve in the Abyss, and I suspect that the feeling is mutual and that the Abyss chooses not to beLIEve in me.

If I cross the street, is that any less important or significant than crossing the abyss, whatever it is? I was on this side, and now I'm on that side, and such is my will. Q:"Why did Fenwick cross the road?" A:"Five tons of flax."

I crossed the Abyss once, and then realized it wasn't the Abyss I'd crossed---it was a black ribbon stretched to infinity in either direction, and separated the world in two, and bridging it was a golden path filled with laughing children. On the opposite side glowed white lights that beckoned me to join them: *WALK* they flashed... *WALK* *WALK* *WALK* and so I walked. *DON'T WALK* *DON'T WALK* *DON'T WALK* and so I stopped.

The whole mess about the abyss is too transcendent for me; I don't beLIEve in transcendentalism. I'm much more pragmatic about my magick; ever the kitchen witch. Can I feel my magick, see my magick, taste my magick? Yes? Then that's the way I like it. If I'm looking for enlightenment or transcendental experiences, I don't look to magick---I look to friends and family. My lover, my friends, my family all teach me more about life, magick, and enlightenment than sitting alone in a dark room attempting to cross or master some ephemeral "Abyss" ever has.

There is no such thing as the Abyss, and crossing it was wondrous.

"If you gaze into the abyss, then the abyss also gazes into you"
--Freidrich Nietzche

Sorry... Just a long and probably meaningless (possibly extremely lucid) rant brought on by a very good glass (or three) of Merlot and a cat purring contentedly in my lap. Abyss Schmabyss; fuck it all. Talk about it all you want, you'll just be blowing wind. Words words words...