Kaos Kabbalah

by Frater Ashachor 000

The Kabbalah is a very powerful system which can be used rather easily, and very effectively, especially once you get all the ceremonial or white and fluffy shit out of it. It is a system that was developed by the wandering Hebrew nomads of the middle east. They were a tribal people, with twelve tribes, herded goat and live stock, and wandered from place to place, placing their lives in the hands of nature, and the desert itself. To have the upper hand, they developed a system of magick, powerful, intense, raw, untamed magick. Later they turned it into a religion, and it lost much of its power, but of course as we can see from quite a few labeled "miracle workers", they system never lost its potential, and I am here, to unlock the key to its origins, and unleash the mighty beast that it truly is.

Each of the Hebrew letters, is a key, a key to vast magickal power. Each creates some sort of rip in the boundaries between "this world", and the realm of aether. Each has some specific meaning and purpose, that allows it to tear open that boundary, and unleash its power of unlimited possibility.

So disregard all that you "know" about this system, no more ceremonial trappings, no more countless equations, no more "true will" or "higher meaning". All that lies ahead, is sheer raw power.

Each letter you may notice, has a small little like "cowlick" on its top, this is the piece that rips open the hole. This little cowlick is actually a tiny letter Yod (the tenth letter, the one that is not much more then a little fooped dot that hangs there in the air. This is where each letter gets its power from, where it "plugs itself in" so to say into the power source. This yod, is the power point of the letter.

And some letters have more than one of these little Yods, so of course create more tears in the fabric of reality, so of course effect that letter as would be expected.

First off, when you read in any Hebrew incantation, or prayer or spell, or whatever the like, when it says some "name of god", it refers to magick, to the unlimited power of chaos. So when you place the name of god somewhere, any one of the numerous Kabbalistic names, you are not drawing down the power of "god", but the power of Chaos. That unimaginable and indescribable void where all emanates and goes back to, where all possibilities are reality.

So when you call upon or declare the name of "god, such as YHVH (Yod Hei Vov Hei), you are calling upon the god within, the god that YOU are, that calls forth and commands the realms of chaos, as well as all others.

A powerful way to draw upon the power of the letters is to trace them astrally with your finger, or upon a piece of paper (traditionally with a feather quill for pen, and parchment for paper, but "nothing is true, everything is permitted". . .) I have had some AMAZING results with a ball pointed pen and a piece of paper, then rolling it up as a scroll and binding it with string or a leather thong, the binding being the finilization of the enchantment, the releasing of it, making it *DO*.

It can be an enchantment, you bind the scroll, and thetas it. Or it can also be a charm or amulet, you can wear it around you neck, keep it in a pocket, hang it on a bed post for it to work its magick while you sleep (this I have done with TREMENDOUS results). Many many uses for a "Kameah" as it is called in Hebrew.

One thing, I *AM* disregarding just about all tradition from the Kabbalistic system of magick, but ONE thing I keep, "Nothing is true, everything is permitted ", so if you want to disregard go for it. But I refuse to use metal as a cover, or to hold a kameah. It is a tradition the Baal Shem Tov (master of the good name, so titled since he had mastered and learnt the powers of the various names, and used them for amazing magickal purposes). He said not to use metal for the cover of a kameah, so I don't. and have had quite a few visions and experiences where I got "vibes" out of it that metal actually should NOT be used, because it hinders the magickal powers.

The letters and words can be played off, and effect and compliment each other, they all interact with each other, and can result in rather amazing effects, much like a bunch of drops of water, each effect the other, are independent, separate, but at the same time are the whole body of water, one huge magickal entity.

So far, from my research and experimentation with this whole system, most, if not all, of the letters are directors, or windows, or doorways to power. They create a whole conduit like system of power, like when you draw from the power of YHVH, the Yod, serves as the letter that taps into the power, tears open the hole and empowers the rest of the word, it "plugs it in", for it to draw power from.

Then the letter Hei, serves as a doorway, literally like opening a conduit of raw untamed energy from "the other side". So the Yod starts the powering up, it taps it in, then the Hei opens the corridor and lets it stream in.

Now the next letters of YHVH, VH, Vov and the second Hei, the Vov is nothing more than an elongated Yod, it is a Yom which comes down, i.e., since a Yod draws forth the power, crates the rip between the barriers, then the Vov is the bringing down, the actualization of the possibilities, its what gives you the power to control it. It is shaped as a staff, and as a staff gives you the control to actually *wield* the raw power, to direct it to make it fulfill your desire. To make you statement of intent, a reality.

The last letter, the second Hei, is another doorway, and just as the first opens another conduit of mass untamed energy. And this is what is so powerful about the name YHVH, it opens two conduits, one, for energy from the realm to enter you, and the second, it opens a second one, for your energy to enter back into it, so you mix your energies, without hat of the mass void of chaos, so you are linked to it through a direct flow that travels through you, a circle that goes through you, and it, and mixes and combines your energies.

I have done this a quite a few times, and have almost passed out a number of times from the sheer, raw overflow of wild magickal energy, then I just sat there, or most of the time laid down, and just let myself be bathed in the sensation of it all, the overwhelming power of it.

The Vov, can be used to make an enchantment out of it, either to visualize a sigil, or desire, or chant your desire in Hebrew, or even English, and project it onto that letter, since it is what wields the power, controls and navigates it, so you just navigate it to your desire.

The Letters.

Here, I will talk about the various powers and such of the Hebraic alphabet.

Aleph The first letter.

Sound None, takes the sound of whatever vowel it represents

Gemmatria 1:

What is amazing about this letter, is that it is really a sigil of three other letters, two Yods, and one Vov in the middle. These equal in gemmatria 26, which is also the gemmatria of YHVH, so this letter is nothing more than the sigil, of that name. So of course, it has quite a number of intense powers and uses.

One way I have found which is a powerful way to draw upon this letter, is to trace it in the air, or on a kameah as stated before, but write a small YHVH on each four sides, on letter, like

             H            Y


             H            V

In that arrangement since Hebrew goes from right to left. And on the middle of the Aleph, the "axis" like, the Vov, you project your desire/statement of intent upon.

During this ritual my entire chest area felt like it was dissolved into pure raw, unexplainably intense magickal power.

Can be used for enchantments, or to charge ritual items, or anything where just raw, untamed energy is needed. I have carved it upon my wand which I made at the beginning of my MMM work, and the amazing force that comes through it, through that letter, is just something fierce. So can be used as an enchanter, a harnesser, an enpowerer, can place it in front of other words to give them added power, as well as whatever else we may find out. . .

Shin Second to last letter

Sound Sh

Gemmatria 300

Is much like the rune Thurisaz for those of you familiar with rune magick. It is an aggressive letter, it has 3 Yods on its top, and then 3 Vovs coming down from them connecting at a common point, where all the energy is concentrated and realised. It can be used for protection (Shemirah in Hebrew begins with Shin). It has the shape of a crown, so as to represent that this is a TAKE CHARGE letter, it is KING, it is POWER. By taking this letter, you are taking CONTROL. You are god, do what you wish with your power.

It is also a glyph of a man with his arms outstretched towards the sky, drawing forth the vast powers of chaos, drawing upon his desires and making them reality.

This letter works rather well with Aleph, the two letters together, Aleph, Shin, make the word Ash, fire. If you add an Aleph to the word Shemirah, you get Ashmeirah, which means fire protection. By making the Vulcan sign with your hands (which is actually a letter Shin, Gene Rodenbury was Jewish, and knew this was the sign the ancient Jewish high priests used to bless the people) So when you make this sign, you are drawing upon the power of the letter, you are crowning yourself god, your god within.

Well thatís all FOR NOW, is an ongoing experiment and deconstruction, also experimenting on writing it from left to right, as w ell as MANY other things...