Imagination, Belief, and "Rightness"

To: zee-list
Subject: Re: [zee-list] Astral Tomes 2
Author: "Andre Oides"
Date: 28/01/2000 06:19

Patrick Gavin wrote:
It's called "imagination"
Imagination. People have it. Even back then.
Ok. Lots of imagination. I guess I have a lot of imagination too, because I can get out of my body and talk to spirits and entities and see strange astral landscapes, read astral tomes, talk to dead people... Oh, I think I can even remember some of my past lives...

Well, this discussion of ours got to a point where we can't tell who is right or who is wrong. I believe that those guys got insights of other planes of existence. If you believe that it was just their imagination, what can I say? It's your belief. That's what magick is about isn't it? Belief? I believe in other planes of existence, I believe in faeries, I believe in spirits and ghosts, Santa Claus, vampires... So what? I believe in magic. Imagination plays a great role in all this, of course, but it's not everything.

This is just what I believe. I'm not saying you're wrong. Of course you can be right, and I can be right as well, but we can't prove it. And I don't give a shit about proving anything and I'm not telling anyone to believe what I say. I'm just saying what I believe in.