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* Apikorsus, An essay on the diverse practices of Chaos Magick
* The Apocrypha Discordia, A companion volume to the Principia.
* Butt Prints in the Sand, "One night I had a wondrous dream..."
* Defining Fnords, What are fnords, anyway?
* Discordian Date PERL File, For calculating discordian dates, holydays, etc.
* Discordian Futhark, Consisting of, or course, just five runes
* Erisian Fiction, A piece of Erisian fiction. Suitably Discordian, hard to explain
* In Praise of Trinity, A discordian-inspired theorem that 3 is the most magnificent of all numbers
* Neophilic Irreligions, A Master's Thesis on the topic of Discordianism, The Church of the Subgeius, and Cthulhu Cults
* Oven-Ready Chaos, Originally the "Condensed Chaos" chapbook that was the precursor to the book of the same name
* The Principia Discordia, The bible of discordianism.
* The Stupid Book, A channelled text from Eris