Defining Fnords

From: Fenwick Rysen
Subject: Re: Fnords

Quoth Soth (soth@********.com):
> Christ on a cross! What the hell is "fnord"? Everyone is being so elusive!

First of all, you have to realize there are many different types of
fnords.  The first one, a fnord, is a peculiar type of pastry that's a
cross between a jelly-filled donut and a cinnamon roll, but nobody knows
where they come from, all pastry companies deny having the recipe, but
they still taste pretty damn good.  The second variety, a fnord, is
rumored to be a small furry creature resembling a gopher, but may in fact
be Mac Squirrell, and has so far eluded all attempts at capture.  The
third variety, fnords, are the results of one of the US governments
"Black" projects and is an insidious weapon designed to suck the odd socks
out of every washer and dryer in the world and use them to smother anyone
at any time, anywhere in the world.  The fourth variety, fnords, are
common everyday items like pencils and shoelaces that are actually
shapeshifting aliens in league with the Galactic Zorfnoed Federation and
are plotting to take over the world to use it in their game of
Interstellar Marbles against the Galactic Deonfroz Federation (The earth
is in a prime strategic location for winning this game).  The fifth
variety are just plain old fnords.

I hope that helps to clear some things up.  Fnord!

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