The Stupid Book

0. This Dumb Book is the Utterance of Eris. Speak me not aloud, for only in the silences between spaces may I be heard.

1. My priest is mute, for he is enraptured by my kisses. My lips are ice, the fire (glyph of Shin) of my tongues burns upon his brow.

2. The past knows me not. Each moment is a new beginning. The future is written on the folds of my gown. And I have shed my gown; the possibilities of all things not yet born. all things adore me. The love-play of agonies and ecstacies.

Be here with me. Now. Forever.

4.Matter is my playground. I make and break without thought. Laugh and come UNTO me.

5.My priest knows my secret name.

6.Lust, I tell you, but not after result, for thereby you are bound. naked I come to you. My body is outlined in the stars.

7.Seek me not without, seek me not within.

8.I am dancer and the dance. Let all things unite in nought.

9.The passion play of sight and sound: All things come to you as I refuse nothing!

10.I am the whole and the none. All qabalahs are equal. think not to bind me in one; fore I am none.

11.Think not to worship, for I shall strip you of all weight. You are but a peacock's feather in my hair. understand this!

12.I am the root of all that is to come!

13.You are the apple of my eye; gold and silver.

14.The fool is already mine. Let the Magus become a juggler in the streets. this is more honest.

15.Let my priestess be the whore of the Gutters.

16.there is no message in this book!

17.My trees bear a strange fruit: share and share alike.

18.All is revealed in my secret name.

19.Every number is mine.

20.Write of me in red, so my secret is plain to see.

21.Seek me not in any temple, save that which is my bed. Seek me not in meditation set aside. I am here. Now! My perfume is carried on the winds. Dance and be Damned!

22.I am the cast, but the fallen rune is forgotten. be joyful, I am ever-present!

23.Ah!Ah! I still the hand that that writes. let us love forever. Nothing is hidden. it is you that is absurd. Ring down the curtain.

- o O o -


1. the "secret name" of Eris is INFORMATION, an 11-lettered word.

3.Apples: Gold = Sun. Silver = Moon. Bit obvious that.

4.da'ath is of course, the "strange fruit" on the tree. Have a vision of a 23rd Atu, a no-path which links Yesod and Da'ath. the card's title is KAOS, the letter is the glyph of zero, and the astrological sign that of Arachne.

5.Eris is the fool aspect of Ma'at. E called her, "she who lives life".

6.In OTCOT, Grant notes Nema's vision of a 23rd Tarot Atu, whose symbols are a ballerina, a clown, a winged eye, & a frog. this recalls verses 4,8, and 14 of the above.

7.Vs 11 above is reminiscient of Liber Pennae Praenumbra.