Discordian Futhark

From: "ThoughtMaster Xy"
To: zee-list
Subject: [zee-list] The Discordian Futhark, Part Uno(hehehe....)
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 15:19:16 EST

The Discordian Futhark is a five character Alphabet of Desire, focused specifically on chaos and it's aspects (or chaotic aspects of other things). It is a means in which one can focus their will and "roll the apple" at a (perhaps not so) specific target. Of course one is free to come up with their own (naturally), but here is my own system, taking the four letters from the name Eris, and one character representing Chaos. Here are my own silly categorizations for them. Please ignore it.

The (primarily) Creative Aett
Erud = Universal Quality of Creativity
Ihpo = Universal Quality of Laughter

The (primarily) Destructive Aett
Rah = Universal Quality of Confusion
Sohro = Universal Quality of Strife or Discord

The Aett of Chaos
XAOS = Universal Quality of Chaos

Use them as you will. Love is the Law, Love under Chaos.

Hail Eris!