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Peter Carroll/IOT

* Chaoism and Chaos Magick: A Personal View, Peter Carroll's personal views on what chaos magick is
* Chaos Magick Review: Liber Null and Psychonaut, More excerpts from Peter Carroll's works
* Formation of IOT Notice, The first notice of IOT formation
* Ice Magick Wars, Some insight into the war involving Helmut, Carroll, and U:.D:.
* Liber CCC, Chaos, Carroll, and Crowley---Fran Nowve's insights into their relationship
* Liber KKK, A systematic training program in Evocation, Divination, Enchantment, Invocation and Illumination
* Liber MMM, Basic exercises in magick, for anyone who wants to learn the arts
* Liber Pactionis, The structure of the IOT Pact
* The Magick of Chaos, Carroll rants about chaos, Crowley, science, religion, antinomianism, and Scientist Magicians
* The Magus, Carroll rants about the different types of Magus one might find
* Miscellaneous Excerpts from Peter Carroll's Works, Excerpts from Peter Carroll's works
* The Pact (IOT) - The Story So Far, The creation of the IOT as told by Peter Carroll
* Paradigm Shifts and Aeonics, The Transcendental, Materialist, and Magickal paradigms compared and contrasted.
* Principia Chaotica: Chaos Magic for the Pandaemonaeon, Carroll ranting on belief and chaos
* Psybercrap, A short jibe at Peter Carroll's book "Psybermagick"
* The Psycho-Historic Mechanism of the Aeons, Carroll's theory of aeonics and aeonic currents
* Rituals and Spell Objectives and Design in Eight Magicks, Carroll's eight-color theory of magick based on the chaos-star and Terry Pratchett
* Sleight of Mind, Peter Carroll's Sleight of Mind techniques
* Where do we go from here?, Trying to second-guess occult revivals