The Demiorgeous, Blind Idiot God

by Coyote 63

The Gnostics claimed that the god of the Old Testament was only a half-god created to make the material world, while the real god, who was pure spirit, could not create the material world. The Gnostics mixed pagan magick with Angelic magic. They believed that souls had to earn their salvation with magick, then they would go beyond the false god of the materila world. Simon Zealot started his own gnostic sect after the crucifixion. He worshipped himself as Zeus and his wife as Hera. they were known as the Simonians.

The Blind Idiot God would go on making the material world in the same fashion it always had until some adept reprogrammed it with ritual which would turn the world into paradise. The Ritual Process was to imagine yourself to be the creator god and then look down at your mortal self and shower yourself with blessings and gifts. You could also imagine the god destroying your enemies and parasites. So now you can go out and make your own Demiorgeous!

Aren't you glad that god doesn't have to be a blind idiot anymore?

Jehova was a formula

Yes, it's true! Jehova, who most people thought was a stern disciplinarian, was actually a magical formula. However, this was regarded as a powerful secret, known only to gnostic priests and rabbis. In fact, if one understood the formula of Jehovah, it gave that person complete mastery of reality, and the ability to gain every desire. If one reads the scriptures and understands that Jehova's children means the lucky people who knew the esoteric secrets that gave them true liberty, the meaning comes out quite differently.

The four letters of YHVH stood for hand-window-nail-hand. The first hand stood for a real desire. The window stood for the step of taking a desire and visualizing it as clearly and completely as possible in focus and in all five senses. The Nail stood for the charging of the visualization with a strong feeling of joy and fulfillment. One nails the picture to the wall of reality with a strong feeling of confidence. Then the visualization is forgotten as completely as possible to avoid the kind of anxiety referred to as lust of result. This can be done many ways. An easy way is to put it in a bubble and watch it float away. Although the formula is not for manipulating certain Individuals, it can be used for types of Individuals. The last hand represents your desire becoming reality.

- COYOTE 63 -