Tools as Crutches, and other assorted ideas

by Lucian Blackrose

What is the purpose of tools and even ritual in magik? Some would say to represent the elements, the weapons of the elements, or to focus the power raised. Many say ritual or ceremony or even sigilization is a means to create or perform magik. What really is the function of these though? Crutches, tools, illusions to trick the mind. Why trick the mind though? Mostly it is because being raised in modern society, and even society as we westerners know it for the last 1000 years, has brainwashed us that magik is something of fairy tales, games, and non-sensible fiction. But why then are young children capable of doing such amazing things with the obvious means, before they are inundated with this brainwashing?

Very few occult or magik insiders will disagree that the formation of magik comes from within the mind, specifically the higher mind, or subconscious. Young children perform feats of magik naturally as they have not yet separated conscious from subconscious. They are still learning and have not yet been made to ignore the "voices" and "monsters" in their head. Conscious and subconscious is only separated as a function of a "rational" science based society. The rituals, tricks and tools of magik workings are simply used to get the modern society influenced conscious to shut up, go hide, and let the subconscious take over and do what comes naturally. The human mind has the power to influence it's environment and it's very reality in many different ways, the most potent of which is through will, or magik, whichever term you prefer. It is the same with seeing spirits, or auras, or energy fields, sensing energy lines, or ley lines, depending on if you think they are the same or different. Children do this naturally, but the adults around them tell them it is only their imagination, and is not real. Eventually most come to believe it, and then a separation of waking and higher minds occurs. This is grossly unfortunate, and is actually an example of how mankind is actually devolving itself through it's supposed advancement. There are those of us, however who either never lost that ability fully, or have broken the bonds of restrictive modern thinking, and strive to perform the "irrational" magik.

While in many systems the seeming ultimate goal is to be enlightened, or to hold the secrets of the universe, creation and all else, there is a goal that is required by them to do this. That needed goal is the perfection of intricate ritual/ceremonies, memorization of names and correspondences, and mastery of tools, weapons and techniques. While doing this to advance one's self is the right idea, and noble, why is that the end all. Most systems would have you believe that aside from discovering new names, or new spells, charms, incantations, ect... there is nothing more to magik. This is blatantly and wholly wrong. What truly should be striven for is to bring the minds back together, that is to re-attain the state of childhood union in which the conscious and subconscious are not at odds, and can function as one, higher mind, to think of wants, realize the fruition of those wants, to know the needs, and make then available. At some point, many whom I have known to practice magik have come to do most of it solely in there heads. Most of them however are simply visualizing the entire ritual or technique happening in their mind, or even on the astral. The true goal though is to transcend that, and get the mind back to a state in which it can simply decide it wants to create an effect, and will it to be. Easy to do, no, worth it.... YES.

Some would argue that should many attain this state, they would no longer do anything for themselves, not work or go out. Well ,even powerful, instinctive magik requires some effort in the physical, and is not necessarily going to bring food and shelter to the practitioner, nor avoid things like taxes. Also, the power, or energy of the person requires a grounding, or a recharge. Many have differing situations which provide that fuel, for some it is being in nature, or connecting with the elements. For some it is being with other people. Some find physical labor to be the ticket. For some it is modern city life in one or many of it's myriad forms. The point is even if one succeeded at first at getting all they needed, they would need to do something else. Besides, it would get lonely and boring fast. Humans require the society they build, it is a part of them as much as they a part of it. While the society does need some certain changes, and has evolved in many wrong and selfish ways, it cannot be altogether forgotten, not without making mankind extinct.

Society causes most psychological, especially sexually based, disorders. Society, in it's evolution of rules to moral to standards, has imposed certain thoughts that many things that are natural and in many cases instinctual, wrong in most people's minds. Monogamy for example was imposed by feudalistic society, to insure that the families of the lords would be maintained, and thus the power kept and not lost. The idea was first imposed amongst the noble families, and later adopted by those wishing to emulate their betters, in an attempt to become like them. Eventually this was passed into cannon (church law) and even common law. Over time it came to be seen as dirty and wrong to cheat on one's spouse. Now it is to the point most refuse to think of doing it, and those that do so, feel such profound guilt, as to cause depression, and many other disorders. In reality, it is natural and instinctual to copulate with many partners. It is a function of survival of the species. By each person, with a supposedly unique genetic structure, possibly creating new pairings of genetic combinations with many others, the gene pool is expanded, and there is less instance of "inbreeding" or genetic reversion to dominant gene only species. Also, it is natural for any creature to do what brings it pleasure, and most of the human population does, in fact take much joy in having sex.

Another glaringly obvious example, though it ties into the last one, is that of homosexuality. I know many dislike this subject, and many skirt the issue, or have set ideas. Well, if you can't be open minded enough to read what I think and at least accept that it is my idea and I am entitled to it, then oh well. Almost every other animal found in this world shows evidence of affection, and even sexual relations between members of the same sex. There are many presentable reasons for this, it feels good, need for companionship, plain being horny nd having no opposite sex partners available, acceptance of feelings (that one's sure to raise a fuss :)), or possibly preference of companionship from the same species and sex. It was at one time not only accepted in human society, but encouraged and fashionable. The Greek and Roman societies both found it acceptable to be homosexual or bisexual, and it was quite fashionable in Rome especially. After the fall of Rome, and the rise to absolute power of Christianity in Europe, homosexuality was made out to be horrible, decadent, and part of the corruption that was perceived to be Rome. It was perpetuated as an idea in an effort to distance the world from Rome. Remember, many people in Europe had a strong reason to dislike Rome, and if you are going to come to power, be based in Rome, it is best not to be known as Rome. Now we still see instances of hate and bigotry aimed at homosexuals, and let's not even touch the lack of equality.

If we look about at what makes us feel guilty, even though it should feel good, or we cannot understand why, then it is probably society, and misconstrued, and needs changing. Let's change it. Let's stop telling children that what they see is not real, and get mankind back to magik as it should be. Heck, we can even keep the religions, as they have a good purpose. A few actually. First one is that all people and systems hold a piece of the truth. Only through collective sharing can anyone get to see the "whole" truth. Imagine it as everyone lined up surrounding a huge house. To each person, the house exists only as he/she sees it from their view. But if they all share what they see, then they get the whole view and understand. Second is, well, it provides a place for the weak minded to go, and stay out of our way. Remember, take the ideas that work, ask questions of everything, especially yourself, and keep working on your own path, as no one else's will work for you.

Lucian Blackrose