Basic Instructions on Self-Hypnosis

by ThoughtMaster Xy

1. Sit or Lie down in a comfortable position.

2. Tense the muscles in your feet. Imagine them being tensed. Untense them. Imagine them straightening out. This, I presume, is to reinforce a mind/body connection. Do this for your Lower Leg Muscles, Thighs/Hips, Abdomen/Lower Back, Chest/Upper Back, Shoulders, Arms/Hands/Fingers, Eyes/Mouth/Rest of face muscles, and Scalp.

3. Look at a high point on the ceiling, without raising your head, if you can help it. Concentrate on staring at this point. At the same time, count down from 500. If you lose count, just start up again anywhere. Soon, your eyes will get heavy, and you will eventually be almost unable to keep them open. Breath deeply and let them close.

4. Count from 1 to 10, getting even more relaxed.

5. Imagine yourself up on a terrace, overlooking a garden. Walk down the Terrace, 5 steps, getting even more relaxed. Imagine/Visualize every bit of detail you can muster. Getting to the 5th step, imagine a stone vase with some flowers beside you (I don't know why), and then go down the other 5 steps, getting even more relaxed. Having gotten to the ground floor, walk towards the bench near the garden and everything, and sit down. Now your subconscious will be receptive to the messages you give it.

Imagine yourself as calm, confident, peaceful, and loving (or whatever). Imagine this strongly. This will be your new positive self-image. It is important that you keep the affirmations totally positive.

6. When you're through, count up from 10 to 1, and get out of the trance.

7. After doing this method a few times, and getting a feel for it, connect this state to the word "Hypnotize Now" (or whatever) and count from 1 to 10 to get back into this state quickly.

Note- this is probably a wonderful way to fire off sigils.