Perceiveing Energy

Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 18:25:05 -0400
To: zee-list
From: "Tz'Akh"
Subject: Re: [zee-list] Magick level and such

>on another note, It is not unreasonable to assume that higher levels of >magick have some effect on the developement of human physiology, afterall >chances of mutation increase which may see (in time) the developement of >new faculties in the human race...but that would take many generations to >have any visible effect... i've been rather put out recently be the general assumptions that we make about 'human faculities' and what sense we have. We're existing in a universe full of energy which in various forms has wavelength, amplitude, cohesion and/or patterns, etc - and given the larger issue of energy states in the universe what is the relation of the 'classical' senses to these energy states?

Taking the popularly accepted and taught sense we see that taste, smell, and to some degree touch, are chemical interactions with the world around us. Whenever we bring something in contact with our tongue there is a chemical exchange between the two and that chemical exchange sends of electrical impulses to our brain, which then interprets those signals to allows us to know 'what is happening out there'. The same applies for our nose as well, the difference in is in the relative sensitivity. Our nose can pick up faint traces of matter, particles so small that they may be carried by small air currents. The nose is attuned to these, relatively, small traces of matter but it is poor at interacting with larger quantities of material. Our tongue, however is better suited to deal with larger objects and discern information about them.

Our sense of touch is the next step of this interaction, for it too can have chemical interactions with material objects, but is suited to deal with them differently in so many ways. While the tongue and nose are sense organs from bringing material inside our body and incorporating things with the world, our skin is an external organ. it's a safety measure, allowing us a separation from the things we are investigating by not taking them inside our body. the trade-off is that we have a lower level of sensitivity than oral or nasal sensation. however, for this trade we receive an additional dimension of sensation - we receive the ability to sense certain energies - namely: heat, light and vibration.

Before continuing with this line of thought it is prudent to insert that some of these manifestations of energy, as well as other not yet defined, may not entirely be tactile sensations. The english language and the proponents of it have a tendency of saying that something is 'felt' and having that wrap all of sound, heat, and light when a person is being clearer-sighted, when indeed some of these sensations are perhaps not being picked up by our skin but by our bodies as a whole. Certain frequencies of vibration fall into this category. our skin primarily senses light on the surface, but what of the higher wavelengths of energy - when light turns into x-rays and other states typically labeled 'radiation'? These penetrate deeper than our skin and may not be sensed by the skin, individually, at all. yet because of our language we attribute our perceptions of these other energies to our skin and our sense of touch because that's how our language indoctrinates us to think.

Our eyes and ears are organs more attuned to the sensation of energies. Our ears can detect wavelengths of energy that are 20 - 20,000 Hz range. this bandwidth of energy is significantly below the broadcast radio range, yet right in between the ELF/ULF range. 13 orders of magnitude above that our eyes kick in and pick up pretty much everything in the 2.7 PHz range. Yet we can sense heat through our skin and our bodies in general; heat which is in the 2.7 - 270 THz range. The eyes and skin encompass a sizable section of the electromagnetic spectrum, but there is a large, apparent, gap between heat and sound. However, research with faraday cages and other means of screening RF and other nearby forms of electromagnetic energy has shown that humans are aware of these wavelengths of energy. We typically do not notice these energies because we are constantly awash in them. Since we can be made aware of them show that we have some 'sense' for these types of energies; our bodies have an interaction with them, therefore we must be able to sense them in some manner. Given that we will become sick if exposed to certain frequencies of energy in the electro-magnetic spectrum (microwaves, high power radio frequencies, and X-rays on up) we must have an interaction with them. Our bodies must know about them, if not tissues and organs would not be affected and damaged by them. The ability to sense these frequencies of energy must simply be a matter of attunement.

the primary reason we do not perceive more is because we aren't raise with the basis for understanding 'those things beyond us'. if we had games and exercises for our children that would facilitate sense of those energies that most people aren't even aware of then children would grow up with sensations of the universe that people today don't even have a frame of reference for. People need to be raised with better perceptual models

"the children shall pay for the sins of the parents"