Absurd Speculations

Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 07:36:23 +1040
To: chaos-l@hollyfeld.org
From: john.sentrax@mail.ndirect.co.uk (John Everall)
Subject: Re: Heirarchy of Plausibility

>> likes it or not. For instance, I knew a Magician who was absolutely >> convinced that NOTHING was REAL and believed that if one sat in the road >> and believed that a car was not real then one couldn't be injured by it!! > > It is conceivable that due to your conflicting perceptions of reality > and differing belief systems that, had he done this, in your "reality" > you would perceive him as having been smashed by the car, and likely out > of your matrix. In his, however, the car may have ceased to exist, he > would have proven his point, and gone on about his business. > >Dean Ellis <ellisd@datatek.com> Trajik >prostration is castration, non serviam This is the sort of absurd speculation that gets Chaos Magicians a bad name. Why do you think Zen masters clout students over the head with a stick if they adopt the 'nothing is real' approach?

John Everall.