Magickal Links: How to Attak a Corporate Entity

From: Fenwick Rysen
Newsgroups: alt.magick.chaos
Subject: Re: Exactly what constitutes a "magical link?"
Date: 1 Sep 1999 15:53:46 GMT
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Quoth Jim Mooney ( > I am trying a working on a giant, corrupt corporation that cheated me, > but how do I get a magical link to a far off corporation, many states > away, that I can't travel to right now.

Corporations are a funny thing. Legally, they are an entity in their own right that can hold possessions, be sued, enter into contracts, etc., but there's no real human being that you can point to as responsible for the corporation. The CEO and BOD are really just the brains of the operation, directing their lumbering beast through corporate legalities and fiscal quarters. Thus when attacking a corporation, it is very easy to target the corporation itself---it's essentially a large egregore with a lot of belief invested in it by its workers and its consumers. So treat an attack on a corporation as you would an attack on a very large demon, egregore, or demigod.

Let's examine how such an attack might work:

The easy thing about this is that corporations have sigils: their corporate logo. And these sigils are intrinsically linked to the corporation, they want it thus. They want the mere sight of their logo to remind their consumers of their product and their product alone. There is a very significant magickal link between that image and the corporation itself. Thus, if you need an image of the corporation, their logo makes a wonderful magickal link, just as the sigil of a goetic demon allows you a link by which to manipulate it.

One of the best ways to actually get their logo is to either buy a product of theirs and cut it out of the cardboard box, or to send them snailmail as an interested consumer asking for informational material about their products, and using the logo from their flyers, letterhead, etc.

I also find that converting the wording of any ritual I am using into legalese works quite well to put my mind in the proper state from which to attack a corporation.

My own chaotic take on a simple binding (during which I would be charging a sigil to bind the corporation while burning the corporate logo, or wrapping the logo with cord, or some other symbolic act):

"By the power of igneous plasma (heretofore known as FIRE), the power of H20 (heretofore known as WATER), the power of atmospheric composition (heretofore known as AIR), and the power of solid matter (heretofore known as EARTH) [magickal name here], forthwith known as "THE MAGUS" does hereby constrict actions via magickal means ("bind") this legally created entity, forthwith known as "ABC CORPORATION", from causing harm (defined as emotional, mental, physical, or fiscal distress) to anyone and everyone (i.e. "the general public") for the duration of this contract, which is to be no less than the life of the corporation, and no more than the duration of an eternity, whichever is longer."

You get the idea---I'm sure with fifteen minutes to spare I could embellish it to the proper pitch and legal fervor necessary for the proper gnosis. If you need examples of legalese that Beelzebub's minions down in the "infernal contracts" department have been taking examples from, just read all that 6 point print on your latest copy of a software product from Microsoft.

> And would a piece of the building matter anyway?

Probably not. We're chaos magicians; we use whatever works. If you can't get a piece of the building, it's obviously not going to work! Besides, coporate logos already have a strong link.

> For that matter, just What constitutes a magical link?

A magickal link is anything you can use to create a connection in your mind between yourself and the target. The thing that evokes the strongest reaction in you is the best magickal link for you (though not necessarily for someone else). Since everything in the universe is connected anyway, just the knowledge that this person has affected you in a severe enough manner to piss you off can be a significant enough magickal link to attack them (this is the method most true gen-trad witches I've met use).

> I have a picture of the CEO.

If that's the strongest link for *you*, then use it. But remember, Corporations gain and lose CEOs. Would the corporation be any better with a different man at the helm? Very rarely is this the case.

> maybe I could send a letter that Might be read. At least it would end > up in the corporate HQ -- would That sort of reverse link be enough?

I've used such reverse links rather effectively. This also shows up in other magickal lore assending a sigil to your target (or leaving a bloody heart with iron nails through it on their doorstep, sending them a veve, calling them and chanting a mantra until they hang up, etc.). Incidentally, it's probably the weird sense of terror or the bizarre that halps magnify the magickal effect (or, in some cases, is altogether responsible for it.) My best luck in this approach has been to send something so completely bizarre that it attracts massive amounts of attention without being threatening ("hey guys, come look at this---what is it?"). Oftentimes, if you can make it rpetty or artistic enough, it ends up getting its own prominent desplay place as a conversation piece.

> I could also set up sigils on my website that might be perceived by > people at this company, since I know from my server logs that they > visit regularly, as I've gotten a bit of publicity from condemning > their company.

Can't hurt. I'd use this in concert with other techniques; perhaps setting up the same sigil you create for any rituals you do.

> since everything is energy and we are all connected from the > original big bang, what is the problem with a sufficiently powerful > information link?

There is no such thing as a weak or powerful information link. That's the great thing about them. Information is information, and it can be copied, moved, altered, etc. No "strength", but plenty of "skill" required. Finesse over force; the same key to mastering any martial art.

> I know, physical > would be strongest, but you can't always get the props you want.

This is a self-imposed restriction.

Good luck.

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