Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997 15:32:42 +1000
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Subject: On structural Sigilisation..

This is a piece I've been thinkin of sendin to Chaos International, or some other magazine. Any of your comments and crticisicms would be appreciated.

Right. This is the main idea I've been fiddling around with the lastyears. I'd like to point out that until recently, I have not read any "Chaos" books except quite a lot of TOPY material, and that my inspiration has been W.S.Burroughs & st.Gysin, my excellent Z-cluster compatriots (approx 70 letters a day) and first and foremost my practical comrades of the Origami RepubliKa who have allowed me to fiddle about in my own little corner of that structure for quite a few years now. A very special thanx goes out to O.S.Hagen, for giving me such loving support and constructive critiscism.

O.K., done with that. Lemme start of with a story: In 1995 I was sitting in Victoria station in London, with a copy of 777 and The Mystical Qabalah in my bag, waiting to get out of England. I had just spent 1 1/2 weeks with the homeless in Brighton, I was depressed and I had seen no sign that there were any constructive individuals around, all of England seemed like a slagheap of either Selfcentered eccentric majikians or drugged out hopeless travellers. I had expected the home of the elderly TOPY, I had found nothing. So there I sat, headed for Italy, when a man comes up to me and just quite simply takes my hand and shakes it, declaring that his name was something like Simon Fabolous, and could I do him a favour? I said a cautious yes, whereupon he thrust a poster into my hands, and told me to put it up somewhere else. I immediatly gave him my own little flyer, with its printed message at the bottom "Put this somewhere strange". We smiled, like fellow loonatics, shook hands again, and he was off into the stream of people, continuing his little mission. The poster was a xeroxed hand made thing, upon wich the legend was written: THE MOMENTOF INTENSIVE THOUGHT BURNS HOLES IN THE FABRIC OF REALITY. I smiled all the way to Dover.

Over the last few years, Ive sortta developed my own little meta-paradigm, what I call the Ka/Os approach to majik. It goes more or less like this: Everything is in a state of motion, and that motion is moving in patterns-of-being, what can be called Ka-patterns. Every pattern is in a state of interrelationship to the patterns around it, thus forming an Ocean of Ka-patterns. Just as the Ocean has natural main currents, so has the Reality of Ka. this is what we call the Law of Nature. The uniqueness of human beings is that we have the capacity for observation and alteration of these patterns, this Act of breaking with the state of things as they are I called Ki. This is the supreme fear of man, the fact that it is responsible for its Actions and has the theoretical possibility to be in complete freedom. I say possibility, because here we touch upon the framework of the Word, wich is where the complicated problems start. W.S.Burroughs, in his "Electronic Revolution" has pointed out most of the pressing problems concerning this structure of thought, but quickly summed up, it can be brought down to the following: Every Act of conceptualisation involves your whole structure, a new idea takes its place alongside the old ones, replacing some, changing the order of arguments, but it is NOT POSSIBLE to escape the inheritance of the moral, political and visual implications of your linguistic structure. Your realitymachine is hardwired by those in positions of power, from the archetypical level and downwards. What Eckhardt sets forth as the dualised world, that of conceptualised and experienced, is truth, and the one will automatically transform the other as soon as the moment of Being has passed.

Right. Im a wordwanker, I know. Were getting to the practical bits soon, but bear with me just a couple more secs. Burroughs sets out as the requisite for any independent action that the individual must retake the Reality studio of his own head, and he proposes the cut- up technique to do so. And it is a very good technique, but for my approach I was looking for something else, for a way to employ symbols in a new and interesting manner. So I started fiddling around with the concepts of Symbolic structures, to sigilise rituals down into material so as to be able to use these as focuspoints for my majikal attention. And I suppose this is where a lot of people will skip to the next article, because my main idea with this has been to create a tool with wich I am able to support my fellow comrades of the autonomous scene in Europe and elsewhere. This I now believe I have found, and the nice thing with it is that the possibilities for variation is almost endless, while the theory remains constant. The point is, mainly, to create a composite word, a word wich through its endless associative structure escapes definitions and thus is free to be charged with the exctacy of the moment of experience.

The main idea is to create a structure of complexity. The knowledge of complexity will lead to complex processes being employed at the activation of the structure, even if the focus of the Act is simple. Much of contemporary magiCK is about forcing the Will of Self to bend the Will of nature, and this I have always found dis- tasteful. Through creating a selfcontained structure of power, it is my hope that the reverbance of that moment will on certain levels influence other structures, at least those who are within the area of the Action, wich is why Ive mostly been working within the Origami RepubliKa with our performances. Another important point is that of associated actions: If you have a concert wich you are going to sigilize, you go out on the streets and put up small poems, pictures, sigils, whatever, wich you then tie in to the main sigil event through some associative theme. At the moment of gnosis/empowerment you should have at least a threefold structure of complexity, and each of these structures should stand in a relationship to each other, and also be internally complex, thus forming a structure of priming for the gnosis moment wich you can then focus on some simple Act. Below I give an example, I dont think there is much use in flogging the practical details much more. Id like to hear reactions & comments, as long as they are not just questions.


Performed on the 4th of january, 1997, at Veita Scene. The performance was to celebrate the release of Crashman aka K22 aka Ka-Z from jail, after he had served a two month sentence for refusing the army. This description of the ritual was originally posted on the z-list.

Aim of Working: To create NRG around the performance, agressive & proud NRG. Personal aim was to pull together knowledge from a few other Acts into one whole.

Material used:

Procedure: First I produced 22 simple pictograms, the KOMKOL logo (Triangle with dot, upturned halfmoon crossing into. Fire/Water.) in a circle. Black and white. These I NRGized in my makeshifttemple, wich was on top of a crane in the rundown area of the harbour, and then went around town in the middle of the night hanging them up at angles to various posters for the concerts, preferrably so that they would be caught subconsciously outta the corner of the Eye as the individual saw the poster, or vice versa.

Second, I printed out 22 VERY small frames with the words WHY NOT? on them, one of our favourite slogans.

Third, I started making the sijils themselves, using the following procedure:First drew a Magen David, wich is a Jewish traditional protective amulet. Painted over it green (Air). Drew the sigil for ACTION.Painted over it bronze (earth). Painted a black circlebounded by silver for focus. Painted over it blue (water) Drew with a pen the four names of the Worlds around the edges, the rune thorn in the middle, painted over it Red (fire). Drew my own sijil on top of that, painted it white. This I made 22 of. On each of these I then drew one symbol for the Tarot wich I have from a very weird little danish book Ive got, "Tarot for Initiates". This heap I then NRGized in my temple at night of full moon.

At the venue, I strolled around putting the sijils in a semi-random pattern , pulling them out of my pocket as I went so that the order of the trumps would be random. I also put down the little WHY NOT? signs on tables. As the performance started, I sat down in front of the stage, and let my attention go from sigil to sigil while concentrating on my friends performance. As the performance changed rythm my strobing changed rythm.

Result: My friend went through a full Katharsis, did one of his best performances solo while in trance, smashed everything on stage and was laughing the rest of the night, as was most of the audience afterwards. Very good NRG.

Zona Majika Autonoma/FoFo#49/A#42