K-Balls Explained!

Date: Mon, 4 Nov 1996 11:35:36 -0500
To: zee-list
From: emerald7@his.com (Fr.L.D. Funquiebutt, F.'.E.'.)
Subject: K-balls explained!!!

The sidrat asked, (certainly feeding us a straight line...)
> Martin, what is a k-ball?

And Fr.L.D. Funquiebutt, unable to contain his Self, responds:

A K-ball is sort of like a cue ball (used in billiards and pool). It is a dense, heavy sphere, usually white in color. However, the "K-ball" is made mostly of a material resembling Matzo, which has been compressed almost to a singularity density. K-balls have many uses, the most common of which is when it is used very much like a cue ball, in a game played only on the Astral plane, known as "Pocket Pool (pull)", where the K-ball is used to careen around the spheroid "ego-balls" of up-and-coming mages on a table that bears a remarkable resemblence to a CAT-scan of Elvis's colon...

And (not unlike revenge) K-balls are best when served cool...

For the humor-impaired, the "K-ball" is a tongue-in-cheek way that many Chaotes (and most Discordians) refer to the Cabala...

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