Farewell to Burroughs

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From: dougg@netcom.com (dagon productions)
Subject: WSB Psychonaut
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 05:28:51 GMT

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[ Posted on Sun, 3 Aug 1997 04:42:10 GMT ]

It is with great sorrow that I inform this newsgroup that a great frater, friend and Elder of the IOT passed away. The Psychonaut William Seward Burroughs moved onto new explorations in the early morning of Saturday, August 2nd. William was an incredible human being... veiwing life a step ahead of his generation. A gentleman who pushed the limits of the literary and art worlds as well as the magick within it all. Those that performed magical acts and rituals with him will never forget his childlike wonder and love of magick. William was no armchair magician... to watch him paint his sigils... to be spinning, laughing and yelling in the midst of a invocation of chaos and just two months ago yesterday when I watched him perform acts of magick, with a North American Indian Shaman and a group of Vietnam Vets, shooting his .45 at painted sigils to activate them.

Thank you Frater Dalhfar.23 for your inspiration, your friendship, your magick and most of all the mark on this world that you made... you are a great magician with a fortitude of the gods of chaos... keep on doing what you do best and turn the netherworld upsidedown.

In Chaos,

Frater AREON.5
IOT Americas, Section Head Retired when