Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 14:01:25 -0800
From: Max
Organization: Z(Cluster)
To: ice-magick_@_egroups_._com

Aetherics is, simply put, energy manipulation. But it's a lot more complicated than it sounds. Many systems of magick deal with energy manipulation: various aspects of psi and psychic abilities, qi qong, reiki, pranayama, and other magickal disciplines all deal in one sense or another with the concept of the manipulation of subtle currents. These currents are usually manipulated via various mental disciplines including visualization and imagination. One visualizes the energy flowing through one's body, and at the same times 'feels' it moving, acting, changing. This energy can then be lent further power by attributing various correspondences of meaning to it. For instance an aetheric current might be felt as warm or cool, hot or cold, or visualized in any number of colors, flowing in any number of manners, and it may be 'felt' in any number of different ways. For example, a warm red current that manifests in the form of flowing flames and feels itchy or burning might be the aetheric equivalent of fire. As another example, I often imagine the aetheric quality of strength as thin solid rays of steely flesh-pink energy. I associate no temperature, or perhaps room temperature with this phenomena. It is important to feel and not merely see the energy flowing.

I will not offer any specific correspondences for color or other attributes of aetheric energy, because I am a firm believer in personalized magick being the strongest; so use your own correspondences, ones that have meaning for you.

Through extended glamoury, the application of aetherics can prove quite potent indeed. Qi qong masters are often reported to be able to knock people over at a distance, cause paper or fabric to spontaneously combust, or even to be able to levitate. I have yet to hone my skills to such levels, but I certainly don't doubt that such abilities are possible.

Keep in mind also that you can manipulate more than your own energies -- draw in energy from your surroundings, or specific targets to add to your power. The subject of psychic vamprirism often attracts people who are new to magick or psychic abilities. Psychic vampirism involves feeding upon another's energy, usually, but not always, via aetheric means. A word of caution: Probably somewhere in the range of 90% of 'psychic vampirism attacks' are only in the mind of the victim. Usually a simple banishing will solve the problem in either case.

A great exercise for drawing in aetheric energy is an adaptation of a grounding ritual a friend once explained to me: Envision 'roots' extending from you in all directions, perhaps at random, perhaps in a certain pattern, perhaps even forming a fractal design. Now draw in all beneficial energies from your environment through these 'roots,' making sure to withdraw the roots afterwards. Feel refreshed? It is effectively a simple and quick invokation ritual. (As per LIRP.) Similarly, to banish, after extending your 'roots' project through them and away from you all harmful or negative energies you may have accumulated. You may then withdraw the 'roots' or draw in beneficial energies first.

In any event, this was only meant as a very rudimentary and cursory overview of aetheric theory and practice. Take the ideas, develop the techniques, and share with others what you discover!