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From: Joseph Maxx.555
Newsgroups: alt.magick.chaos
Subject: Re: Apprentice
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 11:36:30 -0700

On 20 Apr 1999, Shuburt wrote:
Hello. I'd like to indroduce myself simply as Webster. I have a serious interest in Chaos Magic, but I'm unaware of any spells. I know of a group of friends at school who will accept me into there Chaos club, but only if I have some knowledge of spells. That's where you wonderful people come in. If any of you want to feel compasion for a lowly beginner, Please do let me know, I will most appreciate it.
(Note: this fellow has already performed a great work of magic: he's caused a significant number of accomplished magicians to urinate all over themselves. Good work, Shuburt!)

(Another note: Weren't we all in high school once upon a time? How soon we forget...)

You've got an excellent chance here to deflate some pompous twits.

Go to this URL:

There you will find the Corpus Fecundi of the AutonomatriX: a "spell book" containing nearly 200 collected Chaos Magic rituals, with complete instructions on how to perform them. Help yourself. Download several dozen of your favorite rites (especially the one's involving blood, full immersion, self-induced vomiting or sex) and present them to these "friends". You will instantly leapfrog over them in stature and importance. I particularly recommend "The Vortex Rite" (filed under "Openings and Banishings") as one you should practice until you can perform it from memory. This will impress the bejesus out of them. Also download the Ouranian-Barbaric Dictionary so you can be the resident expert on the Chaos Magical language.

Now, that's only if you're concerned about your place in your school's social pecking order. And it's important I know -- it hasn't been THAT long since I was in high school.

HOWEVER, if you really want to know more about Chaos Magic for your OWN mystical advancement (which you will find is the REAL key to gaining the "admiration" of these chaos club types -- if you learn to do the WORK for it's own sake and do it well, the admiration will naturally follow and they'll be begging to join YOUR chaos club) then pick up Phil Hine's book, "Condensed Chaos" (New Falcon Publishing). You can order it from any large book store chain if they don't stock it.

Beware of the trap of trying too hard to impress others. Don't be a whore to any social order, not even one you admire. If you want to recognised, DO SOMETHING worthy of recognition and it will come of it's own accord.

In any case, best of luck on your path. Don't trip on the giggling you hear in alt.magick.chaos -- it's a form of initiation. If you can't stomach people laughing at you, get out of the magic business now.

- J:.M:.555

(Also check out http://www.chaosmatrix.com)

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