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Miscellaneous Magick-related Files

* Baphomet, One magician's perspective on working with this deity
* The Battle for Your Mind, Cults, mind control, brainwashing, and more. A warning, as well as a how-to.
* Cross the Abyss?, There is no such thing as the Abyss, and crossing it was wondrous
* Cult Evauation Guidelines, Some of the important barometers for determining how controlling a cult is
* Declaration of Individual Autonomy, Individualist philosophy
* The Eightfold Year and the Stages of Life, A Greek look at the eight stages of life
* Exactly What Constitutes a Magickal Link?, Creating and using magickal links to affect things such as corporations
* Fires of Azrael, Making and using this wonderful incense
* Group Energy Projection Exercise, Basic exercises in visualization and energy projection for groups
* Incunabula 1: The Incunabula Catalog, Emory Cranston's Incunabula book catalog
* Incunabula 2.5: An Interview with Nick Herbert, Joseph Matheny interviews Nick Herbert about Incunabula
* Incunabula 2: Ong's Hat, The Ong's Hat Pamphlet from the Incunabula catalog
* Incunabula 3: An Interview with Emory Cranston, Joseph Matheny tracks down and interviews Emory Cranston
* Liber de Octo Mutationibus, Eight state changes and the I Ching
* Lifton's Eight Criteria for Mind Control, Cult mind control---eight pointers to keep an eye out for
* Nine Planetary Workings, Workings for the planets and the sun
* The Parts of the Soul: A Greek System of Chakras, The Greek system of chakras based on circular geometry and proportion
* The Power of Mediocrity, Why the mundane man will always overpower the magickal man
* Three Opinions Regarding the Abyss, Hickory, Dickory, and Dock offer their opinions
* Seeing Auras, A basic method for seeing/sensing auras
* Sensible Perspectives on Egolessness, Excerpt from Ken Wilber's "One Taste" about what "transcending" the ego really means
* Scientific Evidence of Magick, Science proving the existence of magickal effects
* A Short Note About Crossing The Abyss, The Abyss and Fear
* Tarot Matrix, A simple method for remembering all the card meanings
* Understanding Arthur Edward Waite, So that's it! Waite wasn't even writing in English!
* What is Satanism?, Clearing up all the common misconceptions
* Wicca: The Real History, A summary of the true academic facts and citable sources
* Witches vs. Magicians in Medeival Class War?, Magicians burning witches and other such things
* Yes/No/I-Don't-Know: Simultaneous Belief, Seeing all sides and keeping a level head in every situation