Seeing Auras

Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 09:37:55 -0500 (CDT)
From: Fenwick Rysen
To: z-list
Subject: Re: I'm think I'm turning Octarine.

lo eskis i

On Mon, 30 Aug 1999, Max wrote:
After an afternoon of meditating, I saw auras spontaneously last night.
Mine was blue and green. I dunno -- I guess they must've been the
octarine associations, considering that's the only magickal color system
I'm particularly familiar with. Can anyone give me any info on how to
see auras voluntarily/normally?
I'm quite fond of the "soft eyes" technique. This works best if you can practice with a target wearing either white or black against a solid background color, but this isn't necessary---I learned by just trying it in everyday circumstances, but it takes a bit longer this way.

Look at the person and scan the area around their head and shoulders. Try to "blur" your eyes some, either looking just past or just short of where they actually are. If you've ever looked at one of those stare-e-o-grams with all the dots that converge to form a 3d image, then this is the same type of eye-blurring effect you're doing, looking at a different distance in space from your actually target.

Keep moving the eyes around the area of the head and shoulders. Sooner or later you'll start to pick up auras and be able to discern color. But when I've looked at auras, I find that "color" is the closest english word to describe what I see, because I'm actually getting some sort of an impression of color instead of actually seeing color. I've heard some people actually see the colors; my guess is that it's their brain co-opting that portion of their visible field to overlay the color information to interpret it easier.

Doing circular breathing helped me to learn this as well; taking long breaths that round off at the top and bottom gently, instead of ending sharply between inhale and exhale.

Beware of spotting afterimages and confusing them for auras with this technique. If you see an aura and look away to a different place and you can still see it, all you've gotten is an afterimage. So don't stare for too long at any given time. Moving your eyes around the persons body while scanning for the aura will also help prevent you burn an afterimage into your eyes.

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