Tarot Matrix

Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 17:45:10 -0800
From: 3 jane
To: zee-list
Subject: tarot matrix

I went to a tarot reading workshop today and learned something! This was new to me so maybe it will be new to someone else ...

I've always found the major arcana pretty much self explanatory but you know (YES! ok damnit I admit it!) I have always had to resort to notes to read the minor arcana. Well ... either that or just make it all up which has some validity too ...


I learned there is a system behind the numbers.
The suits are fairly obvious:

swords = communication, air
pentacles = materiality, earth
wands = action, fire
cups = emotion, water

I actually knew that but it might be new to someone else.

Here's what was new for me:

The numbers are based on traditional numerology associations

A = beginning power
2 = partnership duality
3 = synthesis joy
4 = stabilize construct
5 = chaos versatility
6 = decision challenge
7 = wisdom mystery
8 = judgement confrontation
9 = attainment
10 = perfection wholeness
P = child
Kn = teenager
K = outer competence
Q = inner competence

So how does it work?

Use the number key words with the suit's domain. Let's say you get the dreaded 8 of swords (heh heh)

Well ... swords are communication
8 means confrontation.
Taken together it means the person may need to speak up abut something. Or maybe they are afraid to or something like that.

Here's how the shortcut works for the 'people' cards:

page of cups ... think of how children handle emotion
knight of cups ... think of a teenager's response
king of cups ... a guy's stereotypically approach
queen of cups ... a woman's stereotypical approach

If the suit is wands ... how do those people act?
If the suit is swords ... how do those people communicate?
If the suit is pentacles ... how do those people
handle the practical and sensual worlds?

Well there you go!
Hope this helps someone.

the trinity of jane ... aka ... synthesis and joy ;)