Cult Evaluation Guidelines

(On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being absolute yes and 1, absolute no, check off the underlying areas of evaluation.)

    degree by which the group and.or leader(s) claim ultimate knowledge about the nature of reality.
  2. POWER:
    degree by which group and/or leader(s) offer power and status as a result of joining the group as a member.
  3. MONEY:
    degree by which your finances are involved to support your membership in this group and its leader(s).
    degree of internal hierarchy or distance between new members and leader(s) ..... pressures for attaining position.
    degree by which members must follow the group's morality and ethical code over their own; also the degree of dogma and philosophical rigidity.
    degree of control leaders exercise over members' style of communicating; degree of inhibition towards outside ideas about the group, its dogmas and leaders.
  7. FEAR:
    degree of concern over real or imagined enemies; also degree by which humor is forbidden in relation to group dogmas, etc.