Al Azif - Necronomicon

Ye Book of Ye Arab, Abdul Alhazred,
730 at Damascus

G eneral Index
The complete list of document translated to date.

I.Book of ye Dead Names

This book is about how the secrets where revealed to the Author in a dangerous journey in earthly deserts and unearthly lands..

II. Book of ye Old Ones

This Book is about The Old Ones, where they come from, where they lie and how they shall come again.

III. Book of Places

This Book is about lands on Earth and beyond, real places and dreamed ones, and about the ways to visit them.

IV. Book of Summonning

This Book is about the rituals to use and portals to open for summonning The Old Ones and Other Beings to this Earth.

V. Book of Materials

This Book is about the tools, materials and other protections the reader will need in order to perform The Arts.

VI. Book of Signs

This Book is about the symbols, signs and languages necessary to a good use of The Arts.

VII. Book of Rituals

This Book is about ceremonies and rituals The Reader shall perform to be revealed past and future events, and The Secrets of the Arts.