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Of Outer Places

In Outer Space most of these places are, for ye Old Ones came from ye Dark Stars. Tsathoggua was ye first, he came from dim Cykranosh not long after ye creation of life on this planet. His brother Vulthoom descended upon dying Mars. Great Cthulhu came hither next from distant dim green double star Xoth, with His Spawns, ye Deep Ones and ye Goddess-Bitch Shub-Niggurath followed them soon after from nightmare-rumored Yaddith. Hastur ye Unspeakable left dark Yuggoth to stain the soil of Earth in its prime. Fthaggua, dwelt on a world called Ktynga.

Of ye Old Ones, not all came on Earth. Ye Demon-Sultan Azathoth, Him Who Is Not To Be Named, lurks ever on that dark world near Aldebaran in ye Hyades. Likewise, Cthugha chose for His abode ye star Fomalhaut.

To visit such places, ye Traveller shall be patient. Only a few chosen are allowed to travel through time and space and see by themselves ye very places where They were born. Either madness or Death is the toll for such a journey. However, it is possible, as ye following chapters will show, to open Windows or Gates though which one may look upon Ye Dark Stars. Ye ritual has a risk though, for Ye Old Ones or Their Minions may feel your gaze and track you down unmercifully.

[Translator's note : Abdul Al-Hazred died in Damascus, circa 738 A.D. Of his final death or disappearance many terrible and conflicting things are told. He is said by Ebn Khallikan (12th century biographer) to have been siezed by an invisible monster in broad daylight and devoured horribly before a large number of fright-frozen witnesses. It is probable one of these "Watchers" finally found him.]

Ye reader must be aware that The Old Ones are not the only makers of cyclopean cities. Mankind unexpectedly created the most beautiful countries, a place even Ancient Gods chose to rest peacefully. Some call that holly place, beyond the Silver Key Door, Ye Lands of Dreams

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