B ook of ye Old Ones
Ye Old Ones and Ancient Times

This is ye story of Ye Coming-Down of ye Old Ones to Earth, how they left Ye Gates where They were waiting and ye horrors and wonders they left on their path.

Ye Old Ones came to Earth, some say They created Mankind as slaves for their wicked hunger. Ye Old Ones came to Earth, but they did not bring Life there. Long before Their arrival, Ubbo-Sathla dwelt in ye steaming fens of ye new made Earth, for Ubbo-Sathla is ye source and ye end.

This is a story of ancient times, long before Mankind. For ye demise of ye Old Ones is for long gone. Some wise scholars tried to explain their demise by odd correspondances with earthly elements. This vision shall not fool ye Reader - by essence, ye Old Ones are not ruled by human motives. Their logic is twisted, and mysterious are their ways.

Yet ye Old Ones are not gone. They wait, sealed in forgotten places, where they dream for ye time when ye Stars will be right again. Beyond ye subterranean Wall, Y'golonac sleeps, driven out of his dream by ye summonning of those who seek evil.

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