O f Ye Coming-Down of ye Old Ones

Of ye coming-down of ye Great Old Ones from ye stars, it is written in ye Book of Eibon that ye first who came hither was ye black thing, even Tsathoggua, who came hence from dim Cykranosh not long after ye creation of life on this planet. Not through ye starry spaces came Tsathoggua, but by ye dimensions that lie between them, and of His advent upon this planet, the place thereof was ye unlitten and subterraneous gulf of N'kai, wherein whose gloomy depths He lingered for innumerable cycles, as Eibon saith, before emerging into ye upper world. And after this it was ye Great Cthulhu came hither next, and all His spawn from distant Xoth, and ye Deep Ones and ye loathsome Yuggs who be Their minions; and Shub-Niggurath from nightmare- rumored Yaddith, and all they that serve Her, even ye Little People of ye Wood.

But of ye Great Old Ones begotten by Azathoth in ye prime, not all came down to this Earth, for Him Who Is Not To Be Named lurks ever on that dark world near Aldebaran in ye Hyades, and it was His sons who descended hither in His place. Likewise, Cthugha chose for His abode ye star Fomalhaut, whereupon He begat ye dread Aphoom Zhah; and Cthugha abideth yet on Fomalhaut, and ye Fire-Vampires that serve Him; but as for Aphoom Zhah, he descended to this Earth and dwelleth yet in his frozen realm. And terrible Vulthoom, that awful thing that be brother to black Tsathoggua, He descende upon dying Mars in His might, which world He chose for His dominion.

Now it is also written of those of ye Begotten of Azathoth who abide not within ye secret places of ye Earth, that when ye Great Old Ones came down from ye stars in ye misty prime They brought ye image and likeness of Their Brethern with Them. In this wise, it was ye Outer Ones that serve Hastur ye Unspeakable, brought down ye Shining Trapezohedron from dark Yuggoth on ye Rim, whereupon had it been fashioned with curious art in ye days ere Earth had yet brought forth its first life. And it was through ye Shining Trapezohedron, that is ye very talisman of dread Nyarlathotep, that ye Great Old Ones summoned to Their aid ye might of ye Crawling Chaos in ye hour of Their great need, what time ye Elder Gods came hither in Their wrath.

Likewise, it was ye Deep Ones who carried to this world ye awful likeness of serpent-bearded Byatis, son of Yig, whereby was He worshipped, first by ye shadowy Valusians before ye advent of man on this planet, and yet later by ye dwellers in primal Mu.

For ye Great Old Ones had forseen ye day and ye hour of Their need, when that They must summon to Their side those of Their awesome Brethren who had taken far worlds for ye place of Their abiding, and had brought hither these images for this very purpose. Now of these star-made eidolons, little there is that is known to men; it is said they were wrought by strange talimanic art, and that ye sorcerers and ye wizards of this Terrene sphere are not deemed worthy by ye Great Old Ones to be instructed in ye secrets thereof.

But it is whispered in certain old, forbidden books an awesome power lurks within such images, and that through them, as through strange windows in time and space, Those that dwell afar can sometimes be evoked and summoned hither, as They were when that it came to pass, in the fullness of time, ye Elder Gods descended on this world in Their wrath.

And there be those that worship ye Great Old Ones through their image and likeness, but of this ye must be wary, for such eidolons be uncanny, and betimes are known to drink ye lives of they that handle them unwisely, or who seek through such images to summon to this sphere Those far off and better left undisturbed. Neither is it wholly within ye knowledge of men to destroy such images, and many there be that sought ye destruction thereof, who found their own destruction; but against such images from beyond ye stars ye Elder Sign hath very great power, although ye must beware lest in ye conflict betwixt That which you evoke to destroy ye likeness of That which slumbereth afar, you be not consumed and swallowed up, or be yourself destroyed thereby, and that utterly, even unto your immortal soul.

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