O f The Old Ones and the Gates

Concerning the Old Ones, it is written, they wait ever at the Gate. and the Gate is all places at all times, for They know nothing of time or place but are in all time and in all place together without appearing to be, and there are those amongst Them which can assume diverse Shapes and Features and any given Shape and any given Face and the Gates are for Them everywhere, but the first. was that which I caused to be opened, namely in Irem, the City of Pillars, the City under the Desert, but wherever men sayeth the forbidden Words, they shall cause there a Gate to be established and shall wait upon Them Who Come through the Gate, even as the Dhols, and the Abominable Mi-Go, and the Tcho-Tcho people, and the Deep Ones, and the Gugs, and the Gaunts of the Night and the Shoggoths and the Voormis, and the Shantaks which guard Kadath in the Cold Waste and the Plateau of Leng. All are alike the Children of the Elder Gods, but the Great Race of Yith and the Great Old Ones failing to agree, one with another, and both with the Elder Gods, seperated, leaving the Great Old Ones in possession of the Earth, while the Great Race, returning from Yith took up Their Abode forward in Time in Earth-Land not yet known to those who walk the Earth today, and there wait till there shall come again the winds and the Voices which drove Them forth before and That which Walketh on the Winds over the Earth and in the spaces that are among the Stars forever.

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