O f ye old ones and earth magick

Fools indeed are those Sorcerers who, intoxicat'd with their own fame and justify'd of theri own Powers, do lay hold on ye Old Ones as if they be mere Daemons, and seek to conjure and hold such by ye Cantrip, ye Spell, and ye Five-Pointed Star.

For Daemons do verily obey these things, but ye Old Ones be far more than Daemons, and hold all magick of Earth as vain and powerless and all Sorcerers of Earth as children pretend'ng to command ye Wind whither it blows. Ye most potent wizard Ibn Al-Kadil did in my presence try his rule over one Old One, a creature of most surprising habits and unpleasant attitude whose name was called Y------c, who was but a shadow of dread CTHULHU in both power and awfulness. Said Ibn Al-Kadil, that to but read ye name of Y------c was to ensure its coming, and to say the name aloud was certain disaster. Thus Ibn Al-Kadil had fortify'd himself with ye most terrible collection of potions, talismans, and binding spells known to magicians of this astral plane before ye invocation was ever made.

Alas, Y------c did not wait on ye invocation, but did appear early, and all that was left of ye most potent wizard Ibn Al-Kadil was his pile of protective trinkets. These Y------c did throw at my feet most disdainfully before vanishing as quickly as it came.

So it is that I tell you of a truth that ye Old Ones obey not their summoners, but disdain them; and that for some of Them a passing thought is as an open Gate.

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