Y e Call to the Render of the Veils

It should be noted that the Render is a fickle being, and thus this rite may not be performed with impunity. Though the means to its completion may be sought at any time, only when the magician is ready shall these tools come into his hands.

First, one must seek out the blessing of the Render through the gaining of one of His sacred images. The path of least hazard is to obtain one from another magician or priest, but I know of none in our land who hold these, and those who possess them are loath to part with them. If you despair of this, sometimes such eidolons may be found by the soul as it floats in trance through the Higher Realities. Indeed, some find the image of the Render in their visions without searching, but these occurrences are rare indeed. Those who possess the Crystallizer of Dreams will find this less taxing, but note what I have said elsewhere of that item.

Once the image is obtained, the rite may then commence. The summoning is best performed at night, as then the outline of the Render will be masked, and when the stars are in their proper places. Do not rely upon charts or records, for such matters are incomprehensible to mortals, but let the spirit within be the judge of the day and hour. It would be well if one would take on some companions in this task, that their vitality as well as the wizard's may be drawn forth for the Work.

First the wizard shall create the Pentacle of Planes. Though the twigs of the ash is best for this purpose, it may be made from other materials, or even drawn upon the ground if no other means are available, but be certain that there is not even a hairbreadth's crack in the design. Within this stricture place the cranium of one of the hideous lurkers of the tarns of Zemargad, and into this insert two candles made from the fat of the proper kind, one part of mandragora, three of ivy leaf, and one of salt. Place the image close by, though not within three cubits of the Pentacle itself.

Light the candles and take up an iron rod bearing on its end a drawn representation of the Render's shape as it appears to oneself. Having purified the area, strike this rod upon the ground and speak the following:

" Uthgos plam'f Daoloth asgu'i! O come forth Thou who sweepest aside the veils of perception, and showest the realities beyond. For it shall be here as it is in Yuggoth, in Tond as it is in Shaggai, in Poseidonis as it is in Yaddith-Gho, in Yian-Ho as it is in Tsan-Chan. The time of Thy coming is nigh, and the Abyss of the Night of Time is bridged. Make Thyself manifest in our spheres, that we may gain Thy knowledge and be edified thereby. Ia Th'ailog! K'thakluth m'khur'g ath'lys! Ia Daoloth!"

When the beacons have been snuffed and the Render has manifested himself within the Pentacle, he will reach forth and take what is necessary from those nearby. After this the wizard may question the Render how- soever it is desired. No banishment is necessary, for following the impartation of the knowledge and the departure of his time the Render shall withdraw back to the Veil Beyond the Abyss.

The following is most important. If any portion of the ritual, no matter how small, is not performed properly, it is best to conclude the ceremony forthwith before the Render manifests. If the candle flames burn yellow, it shows the favor of That Which Is Beyond. Make certain to perform the ceremony at the exact moment of the Veil's rending, for this time is brief. Be fluid with the motions and speak the words of invocation smoothly. Be certain that those who assist you are trustworthy and steadfast. It is of especial import that those who call out to the Veil should do so out of a genuine desire for knowledge and not mere curiosity, for That Which Is Beyond will give those whose search is for the latter exactly that which they desire.

Some have said that the Render may bestown the ability to perceive the true nature of the world, but such an experiment is extremely perilous to the mind and soul of he who would do so. The Atlantean high priest Klarkash-ton tells of an acolyte who attempted to do so, and met his death the the hands of his horrified fellows as they struck out at _what had grown within_. Considering this, such an act would be foolish for all but the mightiest sorcerers.

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