B ook of Places

Ye Reader willing to start a journey in ye places described in this book shall be prepared to be revealed ye mysteries of unearthly places. Some still remain, of others nothing is left than whispered legends of doom and destruction. Few are ye ones who could visit such places, and even fewer are those who came back from ye journey with enough sanity left to tell about them.

Earthly Places will be described first, for ye Traveller may reach them with human ways. Then will be shown Outer Places, where ye Old Ones came from and where They shall return one day. These are not possible to see without ye help of an Old One or one of Their Followers, for they are most often located beyond ye walls of Time and Space.

More peculiar are ye last places shown in this book, for they were created by mankind dreams in a strange realm. Skilled Travellers may go there physically, through gates and doors. Dreams are yet ye easiest way to visit these cities and ye lands around them.

Of Earthly places, and ye hidden cities where Ye Old Ones wait and dream...

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