B ook of ye Old Ones
Ye Legacy of Ye Old Ones

Only then They shall return, for That is Not Dead, which can Eternal Lie, yet with Strange AEons, Even Death may Die.

Ye Old Ones dream and wait. They feed on human dreams, and Their dreams feed human nightmares, taking the weave of dream from most people and giving only to a few, doomed chosen Ones who are taught about Ancient Times, places or legends long forgotten, like the one of Cyaegha Who Did Not Know It Existed, or the Dream-Witch Yidhra. Hence They shall never be forgotten, only by a few.

Ye Old Ones dream and wait. Yet Earth is still stained by Their presence. Deep within the nethermost caverns, Ye Worm That Gnaws grows and feeds. The Reader who wants to become Traveller shall prepare himself long ago for a journey into such places...

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