C oncerning Cyaegha

Where the dark is blacker than black and a color of its own, where nothing is something, and the dark is yet clearer than light, it was. It had always been there; It thought at those times when it was able to think at all, those short periods of consciousness between eternally seeming periods of what could only be sleep or nonexistence, and maybe It died each time and was reborn, if It could die at all, which It didn't know either. Then It tried to think of Itself, and It knew It had a name, which was Cyaegha, which told It nothing about Itself except that It did exist. It just was, It couldn't be touched in Its somewhere place which was nowhere, but neither could It touch other things.

It could be called evil, if evil would have had a rational meaning to Itys existence, which it hadn't. Rather Cyaegha was something beyond the man-made laws of good and evil, a natural force, or a natural happening like a wood-fire or a tornado, or a storm, or just plain death, something to which no artificial laws apply.

Sometimes during those scarce moments when It was allowed to think, or maybe allowed Itself to think, because It didn't know if the sleep-death periods were or weren't created by Itself, It tried to remember more than Its name. Then there came sights of millenia of blue ice and then of fire-spitting volcanoes, warts on the face of Earth, and it all seemed so utterly stupid and unimportant to Cyaegha that it revolted It, so It went back to death and slumber. Time had no real meaning either, it was just something which went by unnoticed, utterly unimportant to something such as Cyaegha, trapped in Its maybe self- made prison and only by Its mind in contact with the outer reality. And at those times when It was awake, fully awake, It hated, as only something can hate which is beyond good and evil. Its whole consciousness became that hate, because that was the only thing It could do. It saw with eyes that were no eyes, and It heard with ears that were not ears, and It thought with Its whole being because It didn't possess such primitive organs as brains either. Silently It hated.

Through the aeons some of Its alien dreams touched men and drove them gibbering mad. Some were more strongly protected and just felt the outer touches of Its dreams, and tried to interpret then consciously in essays, or used them unconsciously in weird stories. Some authors wrote them down as stories, knowing that the world would never accept such an utterly alien reality. Of course they too were considered as insane, as those who really had been driven mad by Its dreams. None had the knowledge and the possibilities to search for other clues. Because Its name had already been written down long ago, or other names which they thought was Its, carved on limestone tablets; and Its shape had been painted on the walls of subterreanian caves, still waiting to be opened. But Its shape was not real and constantly changed, and later they wrote about It with trembling fingers on ancient scrolls, and still later on parchments, and all were burned when they were discovered. And when some dared to print Its name, the writers and printers were burned together with their books. But some always survived, some always stayed sane or at least partly, and interpreted Its dreams. Some prayed to It, offering It still warm, beating hearts torn out of the bleeding chests of sacrificial victims, and still others cursed It in many languages, but It couldn't care less. It didn't hate then more or less for what they did. It hated then all with Its whole being.

And sometimes Cyaegha dreamed too, dreamed of the others, just like Itself, and yet so different, as ancient as Itself and as hidden as Itself, by aeons of nameless terror. And It wondered where they were.

In hiding, or chained,as Itself? Waiting...always waiting.

Hating...always hating. And the Dark That Waits has 5 who guard the temple and the Dark,and they are called Vaeyen. They are The Black Light, the White Fire which is Blacker than Night, the White Dark which is more red than the Fire, the Winged Woman, and the Green Moon, Who keep and guard Him in His Darkness.

The Nagaše that serve Cyaegha are earth creatures with toadlike bodies, transparent, with pulsating innards covered only by a thin layer of leathery skin. They have the hind legs of a frog, and the forelegs of a man. They moves crablike, crawling on their lumpy bellies, and pushing with the force of their hind legs, giving themselves direction by muscular movements of their bellies. All four of each one's forelegs are raised mantislike. Their faces consist mainly of bulging eyes and an oversized mouth with two forked tongues.

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