by RiffRaff (riffraff@erinet.com)

I bet you were afraid I'd actually do it, weren't you?


Keep ravin', ravin', ravin',
There's drugs that I am cravin',
Keep them dancers ravin', ravehide!
I'm rollin' and I'm trippin',
They call it candy-flippin',
It's something that I hadn't ever tried.
With E and speed and acid,
I'm anything but placid,
And now I couldn't sit still if I tried.

Shoot it up, suck it down,
Breathe it in, spit it out,
Bring it on, pump it up, ravehide!
smoke it up, drink it down,
snort it in, chew it up,
shoot it up, break it down, ravehiiiiiiiiiide!

Keep dancin', dancin', dancin',
With eyes like Charlie Manson,
Keep them ravers dancin', ravehide!
I smell like Marlon Brando
Doin' the fandango,
But I don't care because my brain is fried.
My face has turned to Jell-o,
The lobster's feeling mellow,
And this glowstick that I found will be my bride.

Freakin' out, pick it up,
Put it down, bark it on,
Move ahead, scrim it back, ravehide!
Cut it up, beep it low,
Hide the cow, shoot the cop,
Freakin' out, lick the moon, ravehiiiiiiiiiide!



"Spontaneous human combustion!  What a stroke of luck!"
       --"Sam & Max, Freelance Police"