The Hermetic Barbie

From: (Wednesday)
Subject: The Hermetic Barbie
Date: 12 Jul 1995 01:04:27 -0500
Organization: BOB(c)NET Headquarters -- A Division Of Club BOB(c)

Hey, girls! Are you tired of the same old careers packages for your favourite anorexic role model? Well, guess what!

Mattel introduces:

h e r m e t i c b a r b i e

Now you and Barbie can share in the mysteries of ceremonial magick! Rituals are so much more fun with Barbie's personal tarot deck that turns into a barrette you can wear yourself! And you'll love her robes, embroidered with esoteric symbols in trendy fashion colours!

But wait! There's more! Not only does your poseable playmate come complete with a trendy wand, a fashionable chart of the Kabalah that will look precious on your locker door, and a change of shoes; if you act now and collect valuable Qlippoth points, you can send them in and get Barbie's very own Minerval initiation kit!* You'll get the Ordo Templi Orientis newsletter, stickers, a dazzling membership card, and a SURPRISE BONUS!!

And, for those Dream IX° Operation parties, there's Dream IX° Ken!! Dream IX° Ken is the first Mattel doll to come with his very own Wand Of Will!

Don't settle for those fluffy-bunny Pagan knockoffs!! Why bother with a Disney's Pocohontas doll when you can explore the mysteries of the Western occult tradition with America's favourite Scarlet Woman?

h e r m e t i c  b a r b i e -- new from Mattel!!

*Please enclose $77.70 for postage, handling, and legal fees against Kenneth Grant.

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