Sissy-boy and the Entropyneur sit in the club, wondering where the business went. The hamsters are shocked by the turn events have taken. Norman is still gone. In Cleveland, the Hair grows unnoticed. Alexander, surveying the damages, mulls things over while enjoying a minty treat.

The Committee examines the statistical evidence and elects to continue on its present course. The State Computer is dying. Somebody has been tampering with the tanks. Catherine, can you forgive me? Cthulhu, feeling left out, broods. Fleshy petunias grow wild there. What has happened to them? The Swords are everywhere, these days. Too many cooks spoil the universe.

If She had ever intended to win, She could have. The crickets simply watch. But wait - there is a new player in the game - or is it that we were watching the wrong game all along? The blackouts are becoming more and more frequent. "Pump" - the ultimate placebo effect. Get yours today. The Bolus factory burns to the ground. The ghosts are laughing at us.

So that's what's causing the Maelstrom. Things are different inside. Hell, the protagonist isn't even here yet. Names are things you don't mess around with in these parts. Hairy Corners is safe from Them, I think. The question you need to ask yourself is, do you really want to be safe from Them?