They are deep within the earth, and you will not find them, because they are not there when you look. While you search for them, they are in your house, moving your furniture, dancing with your wife; and when you return, they will have touched all your cheese.

Pile high the barriers, but you will not keep them out. They are fertilizing the rhododendrites in your brain, and wishing will not make it otherwise. Add water and stand back - your life will never be the same because it never was the same to begin with. They know that, and they want to teach it to you. What are you afraid of?

Do you think they allow the dust to accrete because they are frightened of it? No, they know that they will endure, and they have a great cloth they will unfold to capture the dust. You are the dust. You are settling on their statue of a world, and when they inscribe "CLEAN ME" with their fingers of power, you are taken away with them. The empty void where you once were is filled by other dust, all alike, all insignificant.

Do not let their lessons thrash you without good effect. You must learn from them, and they will in turn take you for a spin in their chariots of unstable powder. Above all, do not confuse them with Them. When they send you postcards, treasure them, and when you have them all, you will understand where they went on their vacation; but remember, they have a spare set of keys to your brain, and they like to drop in unannounced.