It wasn't by chance that they met that first night. Fate had ordained that their lives be intertwined, and from that point forward, there was no escape. He found her irresistible, despite her immense height and large, dangling ears; she likewise was drawn like a moth to a taxi to his charming yet incomprehensible banter and the solemn way he would gaze at her when he recovered from his fits of manic belching.

Their passion quickly ignited. They spent many sleepless nights together, and the quilts they made those evenings are renowned for their mystical healing powers and ghastly patterns. And despite the horrible mutations they both began to suffer during these weeks, their love remained unblemished.

For their love did more than keep them warm at night - it bathed the area for miles around in mysterious reality-warping radiation. For their every kiss, a nearby dog grew a new limb; for their every hug, a debilitating disease appeared. Some of the more interesting things they did turned frogs into peanuts at a distance of thirty miles, and made quite a bit of noise as well.

A crater stands now where they once lived. They say that if you stand there, the wind blowing over its glassy surface sounds like a lonely guinea pig. Which is rather odd, if you think about it.