Here is set down the revelation of Frank:

I saw six eagles with six season passes. And Lo! the six eagles did grow six new heads, and the heads spake, saying unto me that my fly was open. And I looked, and out of my fly came six naked mole rats. And the naked mole rats did squirm and cast aspersions, yet the eagles were not afraid. Then a voice came out of Heaven, saying, "Where are my keys?" And there appeared to me keys upon the waters. The first eagle took the first key, and flew out of sight into Heaven, and the second eagle did likewise with the second key, and so on, unto the fifth eagle and the fifth key; but the sixth eagle rebelled, saying, "Get your own damn keys." And the sixth key vanished, and the sixth eagle was smitten by a great host of peas, raining down from on high.

And the peas moved on the face of the burbling waters, and they gave forth a non-nutritive sweetener, and the naked mole rats saw that it was good. Whereupon a chorus of angels came to me and bade me sign release forms, and also they bade me surrender the film rights, which I did. And suddenly I was raised up, and given to enter the gates of Heaven without standing in the holy lines, which were like unto those at amusement parks. And I particularly liked the holy water flume ride at the end.