I was homely and lonely and living my nightmare with wide-open spaces and minding my business like everyone should, and never had reason to think out of season when everyone knew to leave thinking alone. But had I been drinking, and thinking of thinking, the neighbors would know not to leave me alone, they'd call the authorities, announce their priorities, they'd be after me faster than horses are glue.

Now where you live maybe the brainwaves are free, but here in my country they're all watching me. I might think of moving but how can I leave my beloved rococo house in the country with fences and foxes and all sorts of boxes all filled with the memories of people who dared to think thoughts of their own with no heed to the rules and no time to be tied down by demons who take all their goods for their own?

No, guard them I must for no price is too great to establish a safehouse for ghosts of their minds in sterile containers awaiting the day when they might be set free. I must keep them safe here, and learn to await here the time that will come when the cities are torn down and mountains are worn down by some evolution, some final solution to rectify wrongs and to set us all free.

You might think I'm crazy. I admit that just maybe I haven't a chance - but where's the romance left when all of your battles are fought to be won?