In the event that you weren't listening, I will repeat it, only much louder. However, I feel this may not be sufficient. Lend me your ear. I will return it unharmed, I promise. But if you doubt me, then please examine this juicy slab of meat, well-marbled, and coated with flavors unheard of in the realms in which you move. Hear how it tinkles with the music of the spheres. I can see that it entices you, but remember your manners; drooling does not become you.

I have decided not to repeat it after all. I am fickle, but I do not tip over readily, so it all balances out. Instead, let me show you some more of my collection, since you seem to enjoy it so much. Please wear this badge of linoleum. It will protect you from the sloth.

As you pass down the hall, you will see many things. First is my exquisite crystal of envy. Next, a rare treat, a physicist completely encased in tropical oils. I know, you're thinking, "What's rare about that?" Well, stop it. Here we have a roiling sea of potato lions. Watch as their buds wave frivolously at you. And now, here is the special grotto I have prepared for you. Go ahead! Have a seat! Do not resist. You are quite powerless to avoid your fate. I will have you, buttered side up, performing obscure ballet moves in time to the thumping of the rapture owls. For you see, I've never met as big a goober as yourself; the moment you opened your mouth I knew I must have you for my collection.

The curator will be by shortly to install your catheter.