Travel south, along the Mountains of the World's Edge (being careful to avoid the trolls, who generally have a bad attitude in those parts due to the eternal stench) and you will eventually come to a seasoned Dutchman embedded in a fork in the road. If you stroke his belly, and share with him a bean or two, and if he takes a liking to you (it helps if you wear pinafores, for some reason) he might reveal to you the route to a certain town nestled in the foothills, a town formerly known as Hairy Corners, but which (due to trademark disputes) has in recent millenia been known as Snot Hill.

It's hard to get there, not because the valley is difficult to find, but because of the way you have to hold your arms in order to reach it. Take along plenty of ointment, for you will need it. Follow the Dutchman's instructions carefully, for if even one pinky is not in the correct orifice, the enchanted path will lead you to a, shall we say, less desirable location, probably involving suction of the worst sort.

But how much less desirable is difficult to imagine, for the principal attraction of Snot Hill is an enormous talking ball of snot. You might not find this attractive, but that is because you have not heard it speak. You must sidle up to it gently and place your head against it, and it will whisper to you the true meaning of life. What this is, nobody can reveal, for it is the true meaning of your life, and yours alone, and none who have heard it have ever been the same; but they all have felt the need to take a brisk shower afterwards.