Cruising down the highway, sleek as can be, a shiny new Bolus Impacta splashed toxic mud on my battle trunks as it roared silently by me. I could see the driver writhing in ecstasy in his seat. I decided I needed one of those radios desparately. I trudged onwards, heading towards the village of Hairy Corners, where I had heard there was a newt-throwing contest with a large cash prize. Unconsciously, my hand reached into my pocket, as if to reassure myself that Bart was still there.

Bart was my prize possession and my best friend, and my mentor. Bart was an intelligent newt from another dimension who had chosen me for his plans of world conquest. Bart was going to guide me to exalted heights.

"Bart was also both dead and imaginary, and I realize that now, Doctor. I really see now how my need to feel some sort of control in a world that had treated my so harshly caused me to indulge in this fantasy. Yes, Doctor. Good night." (The Doctor exits stage right.) Bart? You there? Come on buddy. Talk to me.

The Patient rummages around in his bed, looking for Bart. The Nurse enters. The Patient is paralyzed by surprise as the Nurse rips the Patient's pillow apart and extracts Bart. The Patient hears Bart's voice in his mind: "You were only a tool, nothing more. I only needed you to carry me to Hairy Corners, you incontinent boob." Bart laughs evilly as he and the Nurse vanish into thin air. The Patient sobs well into the night.