I saw somebody parked in my space, so I went over to the Feverish Dreams outlet at the end of the strip and told the guy with the big tongue that I wanted to rent one of the Big Red Clone Warriors for the weekend. I had to show him some leg to get only one, because the adults usually come in sets of at least three. I named him Throbbo. We were going to have a great time.

After we dismantled the car that was in my space, the police showed up. I quickly briefed Throbbo on the finer points of surrender and toddled off to get the ribbons belted on my wax idol. The sailor running the place was in a merry mood, so I decided to have my phlegm levelled off too. I gave him a set of matching peas as a tip, and asked him where I could go to put my wax idol to good use, if you know what I mean.

The place he directed me to was dark and grim, but there were many unbelievable hirsute waitresses not so much serving drinks as pitching them. I stood on a table, presented my wax idol, and loudly proclaimed my divinity. A couple of the wobblier patrons cheered me on, and after a brief brainwashing session, they were my willing slaves. I moved on to further conquests.

Eventually, I tired of the life of an omnipotent God-Emperor, and killed all my subjects, leaving the earth to be repopulated by ants. But that's another story.