Okay, here's the plan. We fly down into the valley in the shape of an enourmous trout. When I give the signal, you hurl influenza dust at the natives. Barry will be holding the cheese for us in case it gets nasty. We'll refuel at dusk, and I'll have a choice steak waiting in the laboratory.

After that, we can begin pounding chocolates into the heads of the sample animals that Barry has in his pants. The ones that don't fret will be selected for the next phase of the mission, I call it "Operation Creme de Menthe", but not out loud. As you use the egg slicer to eviscerate the Colonel, I will carry his fabulous shins to be sold at an auction, where I will be in disguise as "El Torpedo", the Australasian autophage. With the proceeds, Barry will lease a stump, and we'll roll that over into a mutual fund so fast your head will spin.

Now, Keith, you have a special, absolutely critical part to play in this plan. Unfortunately, I accidentally rolled up my notes into a tube and sat on them, so I'm afraid you will have to improvise.

All right, we're ready to go. I promise that if we are successful, then after the mission, Rhonda here and her lovely friends will have plenty of covert action for all of you.