I don't know, he was just muttering "happy in the tank," and he kept screaming his lungs out, I was afraid he was gonna kill us all, just like all the others, he ended up just like them. I told the director we should stop the program, we don't know enough about what's going on, I don't know why the cryo patients act like they do, there's something we don't understand about what they're going through. They're not just frozen, it isn't simple physics or biology, something's been *happening* to them in there, they don't want to come back. I thinks he's hoping we'll warm one up and they'll be all grateful to us and maybe they'll tell us what happened to them but he sits there in his office, ever since the first one suicided he hasn't watched them being revived, and he hasn't seen their *eyes* when they come out of it, it's like they're being hunted or something and it's finally found them. I have nightmares every night, now, like I'm in one of the tanks and they take me out and I see the world as it really is and there are monsters everywhere and I can't escape because you took me out of the tank where it was safe where it was a different world it was pure and not everything was a monster and i'm goin to die here, in the tank i couldn't die, not in the other place where everything was real not like this world, please, send me back i was happy there, i was happy in the tank if i kill myself maybe i can go back maybe if i could only bring myself to find my hands among these monsters that are part of my body the body you made me come back to why did you do it why why why i was happy in the tank and you brought me back to the monsters please send me back you made me why can't you clean up your own messes