She's subtly obvious. She's been there and done that, done it to death, in fact, to death and back again. She's got a body men would kill for and a mind men will die for. She knows when to quit but She never does, never will, never can, not even when the whole of Creation sings annoying ditties at Her. She knows your name and She'll never tell. She has a plan, well, doesn't everyone, but Hers is backed by some people in high places, not to mention She Herself.

Where She walks, grass dies, never to return. Where She walks, grass grows until it reaches the sky. When She speaks, Her words are entire worlds in themselves. When She listens, She can hear your past and your future. When She makes you laugh, you will laugh so hard that your soul comes out of your nose. When She makes you cry, you will never be happy again.

She knows the secret places in the world, and in some of them, She hides spare change. She knows the dark places in the world, and in some of them, She keeps things that absorb odors. She knows the battlegrounds in the world, and in all of them, Her soldiers are encamped, not fighting, not yet, but waiting for the day when She calls them to their duty, or to a nice brunch.

I think She's here now. Can you see Her? Aren't those Her footprints in the mud by the river that wasn't there before? There's another pair, following Her. I'm sure She can handle it. But where did that river come from?