Don't pretend you like it when you don't; don't watch if you'd rather be doing something else. Don't die when you want to live. Haven't you been listening? There's a place for people like you, underground somewhere. I've heard them talking about it. They have lots of oxygen down there, you can always breathe, and they never take your mind away. Maybe we can find somebody who'll show us how to get there.

Yeah, I've heard of it, they call it the Electric Underground, but I don't know how to get there. It's dangerous, some say. There's people who watch you there, and people who follow you, and people who sell you excessive kitchen gadgetry. They're wicked weird down there. I wouldn't go if I were you.

There is no Electric Underground. It's a myth, they made it up so they could find people like you, in fact, I think I remember seeing your face on a name on a poster in my brain...

Yes. I've been there. It's a glorious place, a double bed and cable TV in every room, and... no, that was the Marriott. Sorry, can't help you. I'm late for a Hair cut.

The Electric Underground? You know the way: the will is the way. See you there yesterday.