There's a magic in the air. The soft piles of flying manatee dung that dot the earth catch the rays of the rising sun, and glint with the promise of a new day. The world is new, and like all new things, still has a few bugs.

One of these bugs is an Ant. That's right, an Ant, not an ant. His name is Adam. He is the first Ant, because, as I said, the world is new. The ants who were to come after were but cheap copies of the Ants, their genes polluted by untold generations of Zima-drinking and fornication with evildoers. The Ants were as much superior to the ants as the ants of the First World were to those of this, the Second World. Really, they're just super people. And who hasn't heard the ancient story of Adam and the rubber tree plant? Nobody. So let's get right back to the fornication with evildoers. I will quote from Erratica II 3:4-7:

"Ye ants, ye dainty denizens of the dells, where are your gardens now? Your amateur productions? The hamsters are nigh! Heed me, ye sitters on the gilded patios! For the Sheep of the Ages hears you not, and is not mindful of you. When the hooting of the muffins draws near, your pleas will avail ye not."

I hope that clears things up. For those of you keeping score, the ants are ahead, but losing ground rapidly.